Friday, September 24, 2010

so far

so this is as far as iv gotten on these projects so far
please bear in mind these are works in progress
if left to myself they are liable to remain "in progress" for ever, or until some one rips the paint brush out of my hand and screams "back away from the painting" at me
(see earlier posts for earlier phases)


my Ethereal Myst
who is just a "pretty" and isnt really meant to portray bugger all beyond
"help i need to paint to live and cant help myself i have to doodle"

guess its best i first show you the concept "sketch"

which yes was "sketched" in paint...

does she not count as a real painting? .... no.
why not? ..... because i said so...because i wanted "more" ;-)  

rather bizarrely enough, below is the version of Ethereal Myst i am working on now, its shot from two different angles...
(yes i cheated and "squared up" the second one its as seen from at quarter rather than a head on)

you cant really see the heavy textured fabric on the photo siiigh

isnt it bizarre the transformation that a different angle will make, catch that effect from out of the corner of your eye its it looks like shes jumping off the canvas 


ahhhh now this one im working on i do consider art though many might disagree with me...
portrait of pain

first the concept

and now, finally the painting as its progressing....

explanation....i have some health problems

this is a portrayal of how the pain from those problems feel
(a nice short and sweet explanation huh )

i really cant wait to finish her so i can hang her i know some might look at her and think ... W.T.F but im actually quite excited by her... the arch of the body as the pain bursts forth from her, almost as if in supplication to death its self, pain radiating, constricting, binding her to it in an all consuming manner

yes i know im strange but hell you didnt know that already?

ahh White Hot Pain...
 so nearly done.. im having a love hate relationship with it at the moment
one second i like the next i loath, i think over all im kinda liking her.. but im running out of wall space fast so not sure if she will "make the grade"
yea yea i should get off my arse and sell some more... but hell it makes me feel like a hooker
and i just totally hate that side of things...besides .. these are my "babys" ;-)

the concept (which i designed through various filters and masks on the paint shop pro program) ...

the explanation...
a depiction of the despair, isolation, horror of spousal abuse... proud defiance mixed with sad acceptance of the situation for which she believes there is no escape.. restrained by the bonds of "duty", a belief that this is her lot and that she "deserves" it...
her life's view discolored, distorted by a lack of self worth and acceptance 
this is i hasten to add not my current situation ;-)
err ok so i did more and messed up because i prefer the above version

sorry folks another depressing one ;-) dealing with ... yep you got it
isolation, loneliness... that sinister feeling of a haunting presence around you

the woods...

the concept

errrr k i attacked this one again too so now it looks more like this

i think i might change it back

this is just a silly piece of nonsense that i did purely because i needed a break from real stuff ;-)

it is, of course "LIFE"


did i ever mention how much i hate portraits ..
this has been the source of much frustration, swearing and self berating

O.M.G Stephen i totally did not mean to thump you in the eye like that... i guess i was just getting frustrated and angry at my own inability to get the portrait right ;-)

 .. guess ill fix that next, its really not that dark around the eye "off photo" very odd

still its an improvement on the previously posted versions of him dont you think ?