Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

comp art

After a twitter conversation i thought id share with you the role that computer programs sometimes play in my art

some times in helping me design a painting

and at other times as a stand alone piece in its own right


first ill start with some that turned out to be designs for paintings

this one was the result of running a photo through various "filters" on paint shop pro

i like the effect so much i decided i almost had to paint it


this one was designed by accident on paintshop pro
after being confined to my bed and growing increasingly frustrated by the situation
you've all seen when kids get frustrated at a drawing and they scribble over it ... well this is what it looks like when you do that with paint shop pro using various "paint tubes"


thankfully come this next design i was some what calmer
(possibly as a result of medication)
ahhh strong calming soothing thoughts
(and a fair amount of doodling result in this)

and although i thought the computer design was a little insipid i thought it might just be worth exploring its concept in paint the result was this following painting

although im sure its not most folks cup of tea i kinda like it

of course some times the designs are not a result of doodling but a concerted effort to design a specific piece such as this rather minimalistic piece

i think i prefer the computer version though


occasionally ill design pieces that i
(at first)
never intend to paint
they are meant to be solely stand alone pieces in their own right
such as this one


it was created using both Das and paintshop (as were some of the following)
with the help of Hubble photographs which i fell in love with

the fairy nebula seem to be particularly calling for some artistic intervention for which i was only to happy to oblige

and of course the stand alone's also consist of photo's run through the various filters and tinkering with various other effects to result in pieces such as these

but enough about me and my photos lets get back to what we all like

more faery's

Friday, September 23, 2011

for once
i actually got persuaded into attending a reception
multicultural  show

which will be running along side
October the 1st

 Geisha Gaze
went over better than expected
in fact
i was barely through the door three steps
and had a request to buy
(possibly counts as one of my fastest sales bar commissions)

all though i did promptly get reprimanded
for severely under pricing her
(well what can i say i saw flaws in her that  meant she didn't warrant full price)

got to say its not often a buyer tells you off for a low price

then as i handed her in to be hung.. i got told off again
all in the nicest most well meaning way of course

iv now been told very firmly
from numerous people im officially banned from naming my own price

it was a very pleasant (if terrifying) evening
all though the folk that persuaded me to go
(those i was supposed to be hiding behind)
kept disappearing into to the throng

 a great time was had by all,
and of course the open bar certainly did not hinder this
i do wish i had participated in that aspect
i was fairly taken aback at folk wanting "photo ops" with me in front of Geisha Gaze
no one had warned me people have a tendency to want that
i found it rather puzzling

so several folk now have a prime photo of a rather gawky awkward MiTcH with the expression of a deer caught in head lights


have to say i did feel a whole lot more at ease once the crowds thinned out a bit

many thanks to
for not only arranging the event
but also their warm and friendly manner through out
that helped put me at my ease
(as much as is possible in a crowd)

Shyam Balami's Prize-winning painting 

 The awards were

1st: Shyam Balami

2nd:Mary Morgan

3rd: Eliot Fallas

HM: Cindy Gray

And the People's Choice: Meral Dalgic
 Many thanks to Suzy Jones and Dana Conklin for judging the show.

Much appreciation also goes to
Nuray Fuller who was the organizer
Linda Clary, who created the artist tags
Lady Marli for tending the superb bar
Claudia holt for setting up
Ruth Siddiqi for making such wonderful Art Flyers for the Art Exhibit
Katrine Kyhnel for hanging and arranging all the artworks.

and of course the mayor for attending

i may well start to attend more receptions
now if only i can shake the problem i have with crowds

(a crowd for me being any more than three)

Saturday, May 21, 2011

progress on the 4x4's

many thanks to the twitter followers who not only kept me on track with these ones but spurred me on to doing better than i otherwise would of with out their help

im terrible at the whole motivation thing

but when i do eventually start painting

i just pick and pick and pick

trying to get as much detail in as i can
and never know when to stop

so all these are down to my twitter followers

with many, many thanks for their assistance


Saturday, May 14, 2011


this ones for a good cause

and its only 4x4 inches arrrgh
(grabbing my glasses)

this is it so far...

(sorta kinda after two days messing with and repairing it)

i got to this stage on the first day

but then a little mishap involving accidentally grabbing a white spray can instead of the clear seal left me with roughly about half the canvas whited out


ohhh well these things happen

and soooooo
after the echoes of my screams of NOOOoooooo had faded
i frantically attacked it judiciously
with clear spray and cotton rags

in an attempt to repair


managed it

a little bit more work
a little more detail
and carefully examination of the clear seal spray
and i got this far

Thursday, May 5, 2011

  did this silly little quickie a while back

thought i might work on a larger "proper" version

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

been busy as hell painting up a storm
and here is the results so far

so this is the "show" version of portrait of pain

and i took the woods concept sketch

( yes i know iv painted it b4 but this time i put the texture in the back ground and left the trees smooth .. a kind of inverse version to the other one )
 and ended up with this .. though in the photo half the detail in it did not show up

and of course i attacked aortic confusion again because i just cant get it just right

been playing with this one as well .. just a painted doodle really