Sunday, November 7, 2010


so.. i've been asked recently and in the past if i had every considered making posters or prints of my stuff to sell

short answer yes iv had some printed, usually though it was sold after id enhanced it
(because my stuff isnt really designed specifically for posters)
as far as just straight prints
im more about folk enjoying art than i am about money
if some one wants to print out a copy of one of my paintings that they like then iv no objection to that at all,

(just let me know first so i can edit it to make it more print friendly)

i dont need paid for them to do all the leg work of down loading, finding a printer, paying the printer, then framing it themselves...

if the painting they like is too low a dpi to make a clear print ill even try to get a higher dpi for them if i can

(ill look into making a high dpi page specifically for that if you want but it will probably load really slowly)

and yes i hear folk scream about intellectual property rights, and i see folk frothing at the mouth because i dont mind folk printing my stuff for free but you know what...

art should not be only for the elite,
it should not be there for only the rich to enjoy,
art should be accessible to all... rich, poor, working class alike
and you know what...
its mine to do with as i wish
id much rather sell low or give it away to some one i knew enjoyed/connected/heard the piece
than sell high to some one who only wanted it because it matched their sofa
my view on art is ...
it is created for a purpose,
that purpose is to communicate, if its locked away in some collection that no one sees, or if its bought merely because it matches the decor or as an investment
its not getting the opportunity to fulfill its purpose
to communicate
its voice is not getting heard
it is effectively gagged
if some one was to take a digital copy and print it out
it does not detract or degrade the original work
it does not cost me anything in materials or time
it merely adds to the voice allows that piece to communicate to more people
why should i object to that?

and knowing folk are connecting to a piece, enjoying a piece, sharing a piece is more than payment enough for me in so far as a straight print goes.....

i only ask that
they let me know... cuz hey its handy to know which are the more popular pieces it helps me to grow and improve
and that they have my name attributed to the print because hey i can be as egomaniacle as the next guy ;-)

id also ask that you do yourself a favour and talk to me first if you really like a particular painting, just drop me a line with a note about which you like, what your preferred price range is, what time line your looking at. if the original is out side that range, or if im not wanting to sell the original, ill look into the possibilities of if i can do a copy within the price range and time requested, or let you know if a print is your best option

so with all that in mind i guess i better go look through what iv got and see what i can make print ready huh

(see.... so much that just wont print well if shes blown to poster size so fair amount of work to do to ready them)

some links you may find handy if your into getting your own posters printed

and for those of you who feel uncomfortable just using a file for free
(and yep im assured some do)
i thought i might try something along the lines of this
if some one knows a better site please let me know

iv never had anything printed, as of yet, by this company so please let me know if the prints turn out ok
as soon as iv increased the d.p.i of some of my pieces and uploaded them i will purchase a test piece and let you know how it turned out